Peat Based Composts

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Tunstall Multi-Purpose Compost 15L, 35L, 50L & 70L

Our Multi-Purpose compost range is now offered in the above sizes. These sizes are designed to allow products comparable with rest of the market to be offered at competitive price points. The 15L size is ideal for high street outlets or 'at the till sales', whilst the 35L size is well placed to compete alongside the medium sized bags offered by many of the discount outlets. Conversion of the larger bag to a 50L provides the most popular size in the marketplace within the Tunstall range. Competitively priced and attractive bags will help maximise sales.
15L Barcode 5014601008025. 175 per pallet.
35L Barcode 5014601008018. 90 per pallet.
50L Barcode 5014603001048. 60 per pallet.
70L Barcode 5014603001055. 45 per pallet.

Tunstall Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes 50L

Multi-Purpose compost with added john Innes is our premium product, now offered in a market leading 50L size. By adding a proportion of loam and grit to the mix this product combines all the advantages of a modern multi-purpose with the benefits of traditional soil based formulations. The grit enhances drainage and the loam provides a mineral element within the mix that will continue to benefit plant growth in the long term.
Barcode 5014603001062. 45 per pallet.

Tunstall Container & Hanging Basket Compost 60L

This compost is specially formulated for use in containers and hanging baskets. It contains a special water retaining agent to reduce water loss and also contains added balanced fertiliser to promote healthy plant growth.
Barcode 5014601007981. 50 per pallet.

Tunstall Ericaceous Compost 50L

Our Ericaceous compost is a ready to use lime free mix with a low pH value. It is ideal for growing lime-hating plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Heathers which will not survive if planted in normal compost or in most open ground conditions.
Barcode 5014601007240. 55 per pallet.

Tunstall Tree, Shrub & Rose Compost 50L

This mix is a robust blend of substrates that is designed to be long-lasting whilst providing a range of natural nutrients with the additional benefit of added fertiliser. It is designed for digging into the soil or adding to the planting hole when planting trees, shrubs and roses.
Barcode 5014601008117. 60 per pallet.
*Please note due to an error this product shares it's barcode with the All Purpose Grow Bag. This will be corrected on the next print run of bags.

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Tunstall All Purpose Grow Bag

Our full size three-plant growing bag is suitable for a wide range of plants, with sufficient added fertiliser to last up to 6 weeks before additional feeding is required.
Barcode 5014601008117. 88 per pallet.
*Please note due to an error this product shares it's barcode with the 50L Tree, Shrub & Rose Compost. This will be corrected on the next print run of bags.

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