Garden Soil Conditioners

Tunstall Stable Manure 50L

Tunstall Stable Manure is formulated using a combination of wood shavings and other bedding materials, with added fertiliser, ideal for beds and borders and for mulching. In particular for roses and vegetables.
Barcode 5015087000237. 70 per pallet.

Tunstall Organic Soil Improver 50L

Our soil improver utilises materials from renewable sources and helps to improve the structure of any soil. Can be dug in around flowers and vegetables or used as a mulch.
Barcode 5014603001079. 65 per pallet.

Tunstall Rich Dark Peat 50L

Our Rich Dark Peat can be used as a soil conditioner to break up the soil and improve the structure or as a basis for home-made composts. Rich dark peat can also be used as a mulch around plants and shrubs or, with care, in open ground planting of ericaceous plants.
Barcode 5014601007783. 45 per pallet.

Tunstall Woodland Bark 70L

Our Tunstall Woodland Bark is sourced from UK forests and the combination of bark and woodland chip provides a natural and durable decoration around patios and borders.It limits the growth of weeds and also helps retain moisture in soil. each bag will cover approx. 1.5m2 to a depth of 50mm.
Barcode 5014601008094. 45 per pallet.

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